Terms and Conditions for Sellers

Terms & Conditions for Sellers

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We are thrilled you are here considering to become a seller at upXycled.com.
We hope you will stick around taking part in making our new joint marketplace a success as the place to visit for customers who like we do love upcycling, recycling and repurposing.

Before you fill and submit the Seller Registration Form all though boring you must read and agree to these terms and conditions for sellers as well as to the general Terms & Conditions specifying the rights of the customers.

These terms and conditions for sellers sets out your rights when you use upXycled.com to sell your products. By using our website you agree to the terms and conditions for sellers (this document), to the general Terms & Conditions and to the Privacy Policy specifying how customers personal information must be handled.

To register as a seller at upXycled.com you must be 18 years or older. Minors under 18 and at least 13 years of age are only permitted to use our Services through an account owned by a parent or a legal guardian with their appropriate permission and under their direct supervision. Children under 13 years are not permitted to use our Services. You are responsible for any and all account activity conducted by a minor on your account.

‘We’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ used throughout this document means upXycled.

Who we are

Astrup Skovvej 10
8370 Hadsten

VAT number: DK30842324

email: [email protected]
phone: +45 21 86 11 04

What you can sell on upXycled.com

upXycled.com is meant as a platform allowing sellers to sell their handmade upcycled, recycled or repurposed products, or craft supplies for making these items. Upcycled, recycled or repurposed items you sell on upXycled.com should generally be created or designed by you, unless you have a clear agreement with the creator/designer that you can sell them.

upXycled can at any time decide that products which you published for sale in your store are not appropriate if:

  • They do not meet above mentioned criteria (they are not upcycled, recycled or repurposed and they are not craft supplies meant for making these items)
  • They are otherwise inappropriate (e.g. if they are offensive, discriminating, obscene, misleading, or if you use photos and other property not belonging to you)

If so upXycled can without warning disable/delete products (you will be informed).

In case of serious or repeated abuse/misuse upXycled can without warning suspend or disable your sellers account.

Be honest and transparent

By selling on upXycled.com you agree that you will:

  • Always provide honest and accurate information all across your store
  • Always honor our terms and conditions for sellers (this document) as well as our general Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  • Always honor your Store Policies and any other obligations you defined in your store (if you promise your customers something then keep it)
  • Always honor your defined shipping processing time (contact the customer if for some reason you cannot ship the parcel within the promised time)
  • Respond to messages from your customers and from us in a timely manner
  • Only contact customers in relation to open/recent orders (you are not allowed to contact former customers directly for advertising purposes)
  • Provide great customer service and stretch as far as you possibly can to resolve disagreements or disputes with your customers yourself before involving us
  • Provide the customer a good reason in case you are unable to fulfill the order (do this before you ask us to cancel the order and to refund the buyer)

If upXycled at any point have reason to believe you do not abide to above requirements we can without warning disable/delete your products and suspend or disable your sellers account.

Your store email and store phone details are not visible to customers, but your store address is. If you cannot accept that your store address is visible you should not register as a seller.

Generally we will contact you via the ‘Notification Board’ in your Store Manager Dashboard, or via the store email address you specify. However, we may for various reason decide to contact you by phone where you must be reachable within reasonable time.

Setting product and shipping prices

As a seller you enter product as well as shipping prices in Euro (€). If Euro (€) is not the primary currency used in your country you can use XE Currency Converter or similar currency conversion calculators to calculate the product prices + shipping costs you want to set for your upXycled store.

Notice we automatically add about 1% to all listed product and shipping prices if customers choose to browse upXycled.com in other currencies than our default payment currency Euro (€).
However, our customers will always pay in Euro (€) during checkout. Since our payment gateway provider Stripe will charge the customers a conversion fee if their bank account currency is not likewise Euro (€) this allows customers to see realistic prices in their preferred currencies.

Your earnings for sold products as well as for shipping costs you added will be paid out in Euro (€) to the Stripe account you specify under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Payments’ in your Store Manager Dashboard.
If you have Euro (€) as currency for the bank account you connect to your Stripe account settings, you will receive the exact amount as specified under ‘Payments’ in your Store Manager Dashboard.
If your Stripe connected bank account is not in Euro (€) you can use Stripe’s currency conversion estimate calculator (requires you login to your Stripe account) to see the current conversion rates used by Stripe (notice Stripe will add a fee for handling the conversion of about 1%). You can accomodate for this by setting the product + shipping cost prices in Euro (€) a bit higher than what you minimum expect to get when paid.

Generally upXycled.com is meant as a platform allowing private sellers to sell their handmade upcycled, recycled or repurposed items to private buyers. If you are registered as a company, or if you otherwise meet national requirements in your’s or the buyer’s country/state to claim sales taxes (Value Added Taxes or Sales Taxes which may also in some countries be known as JCT, GST, SST or QST), you are responsible to include these sales taxes to the product and if applicable to the shipping prices you set, as you are responsible to ensure the taxes you collect are paid to the correct national tax authorities in yours and/or the buyer’s country. The product and shipping prices you set in your Store Manager Dashboard are always considered including sales taxes where applicable and are the prices displayed to your customers.

In case we at some point have reason to believe you meet the requirements to pay sales taxes in your’s or the buyer’s country/state we may ask you for evidence you have done so. In case you cannot provide this evidence we can suspend or delete your sellers account.

Fees for selling on upXycled.com

The cost of selling your items on upXycled.com we believe are very transparent compared to most other online platforms where you could decide also to list your items.

Our commission when you sell a product is fixed 6% of the product price you set. Out of these 6% we will donate about 1% to World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

All shipping costs you may specify are fully transferred to you. Since you pay for and arrange the shipping using your preferred shipping provider (e.g. UPS, FedEx, GLS or Postal Services) we will of course not put commission on the shipping costs like is common on other platforms.

Additionally we charge you these transaction fees of the order total including shipping costs for Stripe’s processing of customer payments:
    • Credit Cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Maestro, Union Pay & JCB): 2,9% + fixed €0,3
    • Apple Pay & Google Pay: 2,9% + fixed €0,3
    • Sofort: 1,4% + fixed €0,3
    • iDEAL: Fixed €0,3
    • Przelewy24: 2,2% + fixed €0,3
    • Klarna: 3,0% + fixed €1,0
    • Bancontact: 1,4% + fixed €0,3
    • Giropay: 1,4% + fixed €0,3
    • EPS: 1,6% + fixed €0,3
    • Multibanco: 3,0% + fixed €0,3

We have no hidden additional costs like listing fees, advertising/promotional fees, subscription fees as there are no commission on the shipping price like you see on most other online platforms.

Selling your items on upXycled.com is 100% free for you until they are sold.

As mentioned every month we will donate about 1% of our commission directly to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) having a noble and admireable mission to conserve nature and to reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on earth.

We find that WWF is the best and most efficient organization which we can contribute to thus doing our part to help saving our fragile planet.

Once we get started we will monthly be announcing exactly how much we donate to WWF on our frontpage.

Your payment

Since all customers at upXycled.com as specified in our Terms & Conditions have up to 14 days after a parcel has been handed out to them to regret their purchase and to return some or all item(s) from an order, we will generally not transfer your payment for a completed order to your specified Stripe account until the customer can no longer regret the purchase.

When your payment is transferred you should see this immediately under ‘Payments’ in your Store Manager Dashboard and you should likewise immediately be able to see the payment in your Stripe account. Note that Stripe as explained here will initially hold payments to your Stripe account for up to 7 days, before they can be paid out to your bank account. As you gain trust with Stripe the number of days should reduce.

When you login to your Stripe account you can select your preferred payout schedule as explained in Stripe’s receiving payouts.

Customer complaints

Generally you should attempt through good customer service to resolve any customer complaints and disputes yourself. If this is not possible you or your customer can decide to involve us.

If upXycled find your customer has a justified complaint due to:

  • Missing delivery (e.g. no proof the parcel was shipped to the customer, or shipped to a different address as specified by the customer)
  • Delivered item(s) not meeting your product description or pictures (e.g. wrong color, wrong size, defective/damaged, incorrect quantity)
  • Item(s) not shipped within the promised time
  • Inactivity from your side

We can decide to fully/partly refund the customer thus refunding your earnings, our commission and any shipping costs.

In case there are no available funds on your Stripe account to cover such refunds, Stripe will set a negative balance on your Stripe account and issue a transfer request to your bank to settle the negative balance.

Changes to these terms and conditions for sellers

We may change these terms and conditions for sellers by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. For significant changes we will inform you directly.

These terms and conditions for sellers are effective from 14th September 2022. 

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