Deactivating the store during holiday or other absence

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If you are leaving for vacation, or for other reasons not able to keep your promised ‘Processing Time’, you should enable vacation mode both to show a message to your customers and to temporarily disable purchasing of your products.


To enable vacation mode navigate to Settings -> Vacation Mode.


Tick ‘Enable Vacation Mode’ and in the ‘Vacation Type’ dropdown either select “Instantly Close”, or “Date wise Close”.
If you select “Instantly Close” your store is immediately closed and if you select “Date wise Close” your store will be closed in that specified period both dates included.


For “Date wise Close” you will see date fields ‘From’ and ‘Upto’ where you must set the start and end dates where your store is unavailable.


Finally in field ‘Vacation Message’ enter a short message to your customers explaining why your store is closed and when it will open again.


When updated don’t forget to click the ‘SAVE’ button.


After you have saved you must translate your Vacation Message to other languages supported by


IMPORTANT: Avoid switching language in other browser tab/windows both viewing the ‘Store Manager Dashboard’ as well as other upXycled pages while you’re editing the ‘Vacation Message’ since this might mess up the translations!


You do this by switching to another language than the default English language.


And then under menu Settings {LANGUAGE NAME} -> Vacation Mode add your translated Vacation Message for that selected language like this example where we are adding a German translation.

NOTE: We recommend you use the DeepL Translator new tab window for best quality translations!


When you are done adding the translated Vacation Message don’t forget to click the ‘SAVE’ button.


IMPORTANT: When saved use the language switcher to switch back to default English language, before you continue!


Now customers will see the message and purchasing of your products is disabled when viewing your products.


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