Calculation of your Earnings

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How your earnings are calculated

As mentioned in Become a Seller and in the Terms & Conditions for Sellers we charge a commission of 6% (upXycled Commission) on the product prices you set not including the shipping costs (calculated from the order ‘Subtotal’).


Out of the 6% commission every month we will donate about 1% directly to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) new tab window.

The montly donation amounts will be announced on the front page after we make the first donations to make it transparent how much we donate.


Most of the remaining 5% commission will be invested in running and continuously enhancing the platform and for advertising to attract new customers – both to your benefit.


To cover the transaction fees to Stripe both for processing Credit Card and other payment methods and for transferring your earnings to your Stripe account, we also charge these transaction fees on the order total including the shipping cost but excluding the 6% upXycled Commission (calculated from the order ‘Gross Earning’).


Here is an example of an order showing how the listed earnings of €82,43 are calculated.


Viewing the order details shows the calculations like in this example.


Subtotal: Total order amount (sum of all products purchased) not including the shipping costs.


Shipping: The total cost you defined for shipping.


Gross Total: Subtotal + (plus) Shipping.


Gross Earning: Gross Total – (minus) the 6% upXycled Commission (e.g. 6% of Subtotal €80 is €4,8 thus the Gross Earning is Gross Total €90 minus the €4,80 upXycled Commission thus Gross Earning is €85,20).


Transaction Charge: The Stripe Transaction Fees calculated from the Gross Earning amount (e.g. 2,9% + fixed €0,30 of Gross Earning €85,20 is the €2,77 Transaction Charge).


Total Earning: Gross Earning – (minus) the Transaction Charge (this is the amount we transfer to your Stripe account).


Total Fees: The 6% upXycled Commission + (plus) Stripe Transaction Fees.


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